4 Reasons Why your Business Should Invest In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been around for more than 10 years, but adoption has never been so high, first for individuals, but more and more by enterprises. Tesla, Square, and others are good examples reimagining their asset choices. But why are they doing this? We’re going to give you 4 reasons why you should integrate cryptocurrency in your books.

Crypto is liquid and easily tradable

What’s a good way to measure the health of a market? You could look at trading volume, volatility, or other technical indicators. However, there is a crucial factor — liquidity. If a market isn’t liquid, it is difficult to transact without causing a significant impact on price. The most important cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have been extremely liquid for the last years, and there are many brokers available.

It offers high ROI

You might have heard of the cryptocurrency frenzy of 2021, but did you know that enterprises like Tesla made millions by trading it?

By holding crypto tokens you can make money while conducting your business.

It is an excellent way of avoiding the high fees charged by global banks.

Banks make money by charging fees and taking commissions. when dealing with banks, you are unconciously paying your bank every month. Cryptocurrency was built to cut the middle man. There are no banks involved in a crypto transaction. Therefore the fees are only those to keep the protocol running. When holding cryptocurrency in your wallet, you are actually holding the coin, not the bank. Nobody can freeze, restrict or take commitions from you.

It is a better store of value than Fiat currency

In April 2021, Inflation was up 4,2% compared to last year. Covid did not help matters at all. The US government has been rolling the printers creating new dollars, devaluing every existing dollar out there today. The same is happening in Europe and other countries around the world. No business is protected, except for businesses with part of their treasury in cryptocurrency.

This is why Bitploy is here to help you. Bitploy is an online web platform helping businesses transition to cryptocurrency. We provide :

  • An enterprise wallet manager
  • Invoicing
  • Cryptocurrency subscription management
  • Crypto contact book for your clients

If you are seriously looking to transition to cryptocurrency Bitploy is the way to go. Come and check out our online tools here.



Bitploy provide crypto resources for professionals

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