Why you should start accepting Cryptocurrency for rent

3 min readMay 29, 2021

As 2021 goes on, the world will continue to move towards cryptocurrency as a means of payment. It’s a digital currency that is fast, safe, and secure. It’s also anonymous, which means you can keep your financial information private.

Cryptocurrency is the future of payments, and it’s here to stay. In fact, as more people start to use cryptocurrency, it will become even easier for other businesses to accept it. So, if you’re running a business, why not start accepting cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is now a form of payment for rent on the Vancouver-based rental platform Liv Rent. This does not come as a surprise, given that the popularity of bitcoin is increasing day by day.

What advantages can I get from receiving rent in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency allows you to receive your rent faster. Unlike bank payments, bank transfers, and checks, cryptocurrency payments are made instantly. You will not have to wait for transfers and checks to clear. Cryptocurrency payments are stored on the blockchain, which is an immutable ledger. This means that the payments are recorded forever, and no one can tamper with them.

Cryptocurrency is easy to use and can be managed through a blockchain wallet. You can use a blockchain wallet to receive your payments, and it will be easier to manage your multiple rental payments.

This is where Bitploy comes in. Bitploy is a blockchain based platform that allows you to manage your multiple rental payments in one place. You can have your rental payments sent automatically to your bank account or wallet, depending on what you prefer. Bitploy can also remind you when a payment is late so you can contact your tenant to remind them of the payment. Furthermore, you can also get your payments directly from the tenant. If you want to receive payments from tenants, all you have to do is ask for their

Finally, accepting cryptocurrency opens the door to international renters. Cryptocurrency is global, and it allows you to receive payments from anyone in the world. This means that you can accept payments from foreign renters, and they can make payments instantly without any hassle. Your renters no longer need to open a local bank account, which in some countries can take months!

Bitploy is here to help you with your transition into cryptocurrency. We provide enterprise level multi-wallet management for receiving crypto-payments worldwide. If you are interested in getting started head over to Bitploy.app.




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